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What employers are saying...

Bob Bowen

Hiring qualified, experienced engineers has been a difficult task. With the help of our iHireManufacturingEngineers job posting, we have uncovered several qualified candidates without the added expense of using a recruiter.

Bob Bowen, H.R Director
Hubbell Power Systems

Raymond Niedzwiecki

The entire process of searching to fill a new position was completed successfully; your email advertisement promised that the process would be quick and easy and that we would find a qualified applicant. We filled out the required information, put in the job description and described the importance we gave to each major requirement we had for the candidate. Within days we began receiving candidates resumes; I could hardly believe how accurately the candidates described their abilities and how they measured up to each of our major requirements. We have selected two final candidates from the top six we received, and we are making an offer this week to our top candidate. The cost was lower than and we received only qualified responses to our ad. You certainly have a winning formula for putting employer and applicant together and at the right price.

Raymond Niedzwiecki
Pressure Island

Arthur Pedroncelli

We had such great success with the first posting that when we needed to hire another person, we went straight to iHire without utilizing any other source.

Arthur Pedroncelli, Director of Customer Relations
end70 Corporation

Cristan Rayl

I am writing to tell you about my experience with your website. I have found it easy to use and really like the fact that the job posting is emailed to the specific candidates who match the job description. I work in the staffing industry and find that this is an ideal way to get candidates who might be hard to find other ways. It is very specific to the industry I work in and it has helped me to get candidates who were not available on the usual boards. Please keep up the good work!

Cristan Rayl, Business Development Manager
CRES Professional Services

George Boyette

We recently posted a job on and were VERY PLEASED with the response. Not only did we receive numerous hits, but they all were right on target!!

George Boyette, Owner

LaDonna Wallace

I have found iHire to be a very effective and efficient way to advertise for the right candidates. The immediate response of qualified candidates was very exciting and provided assurance that only qualifed candidates would apply to my open positions. I highly recommend iHire for cost effective, prompt response and excellence.

LaDonna Wallace
LaDonna Wallace and Associates, Inc.

Carmel Mazurie

We have had great success locating a wide variety of candidates to join our growing and expanding team. The site is easy to use and offers great tools to manage the process.

Carmel Mazurie
Porter Muirhead Cornia & Howard

Deb Zakrzewski

My company has used iHire for several very specific and difficult-to-fill positions. We have always had an excellent response that has produced the types of candidates we are seeking -- not a million resumes that don't fit. It is an excellent job site that we will continue to use.

Deb Zakrzewski, Account Manager
Advantage Professionals

George Boyette

We recently posted a job on iHire and were VERY PLEASED with the response. Not only did we receive numerous hits, but they all were right on target!!

George Boyette, Owner

Chris Siegle

So far so good. I have recieved a number of good applicants, the harest part will be picking one of them because most of them are perfect for the job.

Chris Siegle
Siegle Inc.

Ann Rahaim

I have been posting my positions with you for sometime now and have been very pleased with the results. Your customer service dept. is also very corporative and professional. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Ann Rahaim
Anchor Personnel Network

James Spano

I couldn't believe how easy it was! Newspaper ads cost a multiple and deliver a fraction of the number of applicants (compared to iHire). Great Job!

James Spano
The Spano Agency

Scott Birdsong

I found the service to a very efficient way to screen good candidates. I rec'd a number of responses to our posting and the web interface worked well to communicate back with prospective candidates.

Scott Birdsong
GUIDE Program, Inc.

Rebecca Fairbairn

Thanks to Ihire I found and hired a fantastic and reliable new member of staff. I found the service provided by Ihire to be fast, effective and easy to use. They provided me with numerous qualified candidates and made the process simple. I would recommend Ihire to any human resources personnel, manager or executive, this service will make your hiring process faster and easier.

Rebecca Fairbairn, Human Resources Assistant
The Penray Companies, Inc.

Martha McClain

In a field as varied as engineering it is helpful for recruiters to use specialized recruiting sites like to pinpoint and find the perfect candidate for their needs. We have used in the past to help us find qualified and local Mechanical Engineers successfully and efficiently.

Martha McClain, Human Resources Manager

Gary Van Eerden

Targeted audience. Candidates rate their match to MY qualifications. LOW COST. 20 responses direct to my email the first day. No, it's not a dream. It's Use it and love it!

Gary Van Eerden, HR Manager
Caltherm Corp.

Janet Epstein

I am very pleased with the site. I am able to get instant response through the e-mail. I posted a job at 1:00 and by 3:30, I had received several responses. I would highly recommend this procedure for any employer seeking a suitable fit to their position.

Janet Epstein

Craig Brown

I placed a job opening and immediately received a response. The next day I received another and have made an offer to that individual for a position. A perfect fit. Thank you.

Craig Brown, Owner
Craig Brown & Associates

Jerry Medley

We've been so successful! We are a growing team - iHireManufacturingEngineers really assisted us in the process! Thanks to iHME, hiring is that much easier!! Thanks, iHireManufacturingEngineers!!!

Jerry Medley, Principal
The Medley Group